Tuesday, 25 March 2014

What Type of Bingo Player Are You?*

Love bingo? What type of player are you? I'm an old fashioned player myself.

Want to find out how I found out?
Costa Bingo have a great free interactive infographic will let you know which type of bingo player you are too!
Whatever type of player you are, all bingo players have one thing in common- the love of one thing….the game itself!
Online Bingo grown in popularity steadily over the last decade, with millions of different players across the UK saying eyes down for a full house each and every day. Its a simple, fun and not to mention social hobby, with the added buzz of winning huge sums of money and prizes, just for clicking the right numbers!
But have you ever really thought about the type of player you are? Are you an aggressive player who perhaps needs to analyse their approach and see if it is worth holding back every now and again?
Or are you a social player, looking to add a new , chatty and digital edge to their game as well?
Either way it could be great idea to take a closer look at what type of bingo player you are. You never know, it could lead to more success in the future!
Eyes down…. it’s time to play bingo!


  1. I love playing online bingo with 12BET Number Game whene, because it is fun and entertaining.

  2. yes I'm totally with you! It's time to play bingo! I've never played Costa Bingo but I like playing games on greatbritishbingo. For me it's not so much about the social stuff it's more about just being in the game for the moment. If I want social relations I go out and meet friends :)

  3. There is a much greater selection of bingo sites and brands which anyone can compare at http://www.ilovebingo.co.uk


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